Dona Laser Beauty Centre is one of the leading laser hair removal beauty center in Nicosia.

The main objective was to increase brand awareness. Also one of the objective was to give customers the option to book their appointment in ways other than phone.

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dona laser beauty centre website

Online Appointment Booking System

Fast and Mobile-Friendly


We approached this particular project in a special way as we had to create a website that should have an impressive UI (User Interface) but also connect properly with the client’s existing appointment management platform.


The result was as we expected.

  • Impressive UI.
  • Full connectivity with existing appointment management platform. Online Appointment Booking works perfectly 24/7.
  • Incredibly fast website both on mobile and desktop (99% PageSpeed ​​Score).

From the very first day, we managed to display the website of Dona Laser Beauty Center locally in the number 1 position on Google and on average in the number 2 position throughout Nicosia.


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